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Monty Python
My Monty Python Page

This site's name is derived from a sketch on Monty Python's Flying Circus called Crunchy Frog.
I am a huge Monty Python fan, but I think I would really have to be a stupid git to create my own original Python site when there are so bleeding many quality sites online already. So I have assembled this little plum for whoever might be interested. These are my favorite Monty Python sites. If you know of any better ones, please e-mail me.

The Official Monty Python Web Site — Join the Spam club!

The Daily Llama — PythOnline's Official News Site

Monty Python Bibliography — The mother of all bibliographies. Beautiful Plumage!

General Monty Python Sites
Stone Dead Publications — This is actually a mirror of the original site. Even though it's been dormant since late 1999 it still has some of the most comprehensive info on the Web about Monty Python, including: Episode Guide, Movie Info, Complete Scripts, Bibliography, CD/Album Info, Quizzes, Sounds, Pictures, and Song Lyrics.
PythoNet — A very extensive site with lots of more obscure material than other sites, including some original games — too much to list here.
Stefan Gmoser's Python site — Episode Guide, Sounds & Song Lyrics
Monty Python's Completely Useless Web Site — Sounds, Scripts and Pictures

Sites of the Individual Pythons
John Cleese's Official Web Site
Graham Chapman Archives
Gin and Tonic — The Graham Chapman movie site
Palin's Travels
Eric Idle's Greedy Bastard Tour

Miscellaneous Sites
Sony Pictures Holy Grail site
Which Holy Grail character are you?
The story of the Holy Grail told in limericks
Monty Python's Dancing Venus
Holy Grail Collectible Card Game traders

Hints for the Monty Python Computer Games
Complete Waste of Time
Quest for the Holy Grail
Quest for the Holy Grail (different hints)
The Meaning of Life

Where to get Monty Python stuff
Monty Python Direct
Sideshow Collectibles
Entertainment Earth
Troll and Toad
Wicked Cool Stuff
Toy Vault